The Long Awaited Update

August 27, 2007

Well this is embaracing, sorry for the lanthy amout of time that has passed without an up date. So the tank is still only a hank of beautiful red yarn and I’m left puzzled because the lovely sales lady sold me the wrong needle size, a mistake on my part not cheaking before I bought them, but fustating all the same. And the pattern is not turning out to really be to my liking, so I will have to see what I can do to make it better.

Most of my knitting time has been on this little white cardigane for: Madison Taylor Brooks the newest baby in my life. I modified the patterns from Mason and Dixon Knitting.


I’m pleased with how it came out I think the little lavender buttons add a sweet touch. 


Summers ending much to quickly and I’ve decided to put the red tank on hold and start takeling my first pair on mittens. Nothing fancy just a plain pair of mitts in this Homespun in indigo blue from Lion Brand Yarns. Not the best quality stuff but it will do for a first try.



July 17, 2007


After doing some test swatches I was dissopionted to find I purchaced the wrong size needles for my tank and need a new set…bummer. So another day and no new project though I did find my red yarn for the tank upon cleaning out the basket full of asorted sewing and knitting tangles. 191 glorious yards of Sierra 80% prima cotton, 20% merino wool, by Casacade Yarns. Dispite mt set back I worked a bit of the pattern on some scrap yarn and really like how the lace is looking, it’s hard to tell really how it’s going to look from my black and white photocopy pattern, I just remember liking it when I saw it knitted up in The Sheared Sheep back in California.  


baby in boots

July 16, 2007

img_6457.jpg   Change in plans! The red tank has temporally been abandoned and in its place of it on my must knits list were these adorable baby botties from my first every knitting book of patterns and instructions, “I can’t believe I’m Knitting”. I knitted these in a hurried frenzy, but I’m really terrible pleased with how the little boots in blue turned out. I used left over Wool Ease from a hat I knitted quite a time back, and all knitting was done on size 4 needles so the gauge is nice and tight, leaves not plossible chance of baby toes sticking out of losely knitted faberic. And I’m really excited I finished them before the recipiant was born, which is a first for me, a slow and perfectionist-ic knitter. Henery is the lucky baby who’s toes won’t be warmed in these for the first couple of months becuase they turned out a little larger than I expected, oh well the joys of hand made articals. The pink baby sweater still has me in a tight spot, she’s due really soon and I’m still no farther that I was two weeks ago, so a pint sized hat might be in order for a quick gift.  For now I don’t have a current project that I’m avidly knitting on because I’ve been helping my mom out and sewing up some goat coats for prizes at a 4-H show coming in August. Although I need to start something soon I’m getting “homesick” for knitting.

Sheep! Sheep!

July 1, 2007

I found these sheep on google images, thought i should at least post something visually interesting. Sorry I’m having trouble figuring how to work wordpress and don’t know how to upload my own pictures yet, so they’re coming soon, that’s my next project for the weekend, tackling wordpress, and customizing my blog. I’m currently knitting a pink and white baby hoddie with a spare ball of yarn my friend supplied. I’m also currently stuck, and hoping the same friend can get me untaingled. I’ve also purchases yarn for a  red laced knit tank that has yet to be started, although i’m very excited to start it will be my first really warable garment. The yarn was purchased on my vacation in california, leave it to me to track down the local yarn shop where ever I happen to find my self.

Moving Day

June 29, 2007

I’ve finally got around to switching the my blog to wordpress! I have been meaning to for a while now, and today the mood struck me right and “The Dropped Stitch” has an offical new home.